School Council

The aim of the School Council is to give the children of Havercroft Academy a greater voice in what happens in school. The Councillors discuss issues with their classes and bring concerns and suggestions back to the council for discussion and consideration.

It has a budget which is controlled by the Councillors themselves where the children decide upon where the money is best spent to improve our school. The school council raises its own funds by selling books, teddies, buns and has even held a car boot sale.

This year we have 15 members from foundation stage right up to year six (two from each class). In addition we have a school council secretary from year five who takes the minutes at each meeting.
It has its own notice board outside the staffroom; it displays our photographs along with notices about upcoming events.

The school council will be creating another display in school in the near future called ‘The Wall of Honor’ on this will be pictures of pupils who have been spotted by the school council members demonstrating exemplary behavior. These children will be presented with a positive badge reward to wear and will be given a certificate to take home

The school council thinks that little things make a big difference to school life and take a pride in being the ‘voice of the pupils’.

The school council members have worked together to create a shared mission statement.

The School Council – Our aims

  • To make sure that our school is a safe and happy place for children.
  • To make sure that children have a place to voice their concerns.
  • To encourage all children in school to suggest improvements.
  • To make sure any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.


Our School Council meets every week at assembly time for an informal chat and update with Mrs. Kitchen in the Y5 classroom.

  • Class council meetings are held every half term.
  • Each class discusses several issues that would improve school life.
  • The suggestions must be realistic and achievable within its fund raising capabilities.

Whole school council meetings are held every half term following the class council meetings. These meetings are attended by all the school council members, the Headteacher, a governor, the school council leader, the school bursar and a parent representative when appointed.
All the agenda items are discussed. At the end of the meeting the members take a vote. The successful agenda item becomes ‘the action issue’. This then becomes the focus of the weekly meetings with Mrs Kitchen in the year 5 classroom. Along with announcing events on the school council notice board the members will also share news and give updates in school assemblies.

Upcoming fund raising events

The members need to raise money to buy school council t-shirts so that they are easily recognisable in the playground as trusted and responsible individuals that can help and above all listen to the concerns, worries and ideas that other children may have.
We would like to make T-shirt shaped biscuits to sell during anti-bullying week. If you can help with this activity please contact Mrs. Kitchen at school as soon as possible.

Parent Representative

If you are interested in joining the school council as a parent representative please write to the members outlining the time you have available and how you could support them in their work.